Jasmine Williams, a Bay Area native, is a spirited multi-talented artist, raised in a family of artists and teachers who taught her the value of cultural diversity. She has inherited a passion and talent for a spectrum of culturally diverse art forms and is naturally skilled in the visual arts, following family traditions in painting, drawing, sewing, graphic design and jewelry making. Jasmine shadowed Gloria Toolsie as an apprentice with a focus on traditional Trinidadian costume construction under ACTA, The Alliance for California Traditional Arts. She established her own graphic design company, Beja Designs, specializing in web design, logos, posters, and business cards.


Jasmine has a deep connection to Brazilian and Cuban culture. She studied and performed dance and percussion with Carlos Aceituno, founder of Foga Na Roupa, Julio Remelexo of Ile Alye, Regina Calloway, Sonja Travick, Yismari Ramos, Eric Barbieri and Heather Watkins. She has taught and choreographed World Dance for the Oakland Unified School School District, Loco Bloco, and The Web Dance Center. Jasmine co-founded RhythmMuse Woman’s Bateria, a collective of women musicians who promote social justice and empowerment within the community.


Jasmine possesses strong entrepreneurial skills and a natural talent for event planning. Blending her connection to the arts and the community, she has served as a cultural ambassador, facilitating community music and dance events and bridging diverse cultural groups.


She is currently working on her B.S. degree in Business Management at San Francisco State University.